Trion Trim TX Air Cleaner Parts

The Trion Trim TX electronic electrostatic air cleaner is a whole house air cleaner designed to be attached to your duct system. It uses electricity to attract and hold dust, dirt and allergens. Maintenance consists of washing out the collector cells and prefilters on a monthly basis. All the parts for the Trion Trim TX air cleaner are in stock and located below.

Owners Manual & Maintenance Information

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Trion 123324-008 Trion Prefilter

Trion 123324008 Trion prefilter for electronic air cleaner 16 x 25.

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123324008 List Price: $41.51 Sale Price: $17.01

Trion 134516-006 LED Indicator Lamp

Trion 134516006 Indicator Lamp (red)

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134516006 List Price: $19.90 Sale Price: $17.30

Trion 134516-007 LED Indicator Lamp

Trion 134516007 Indicator Lamp (green)

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134516007 List Price: $9.87 Sale Price: $8.58

Trion 138586-001 On Off Switch

Trion 138586001 On Off Switch

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138586001 List Price: $7.59 Sale Price: $6.60

Trion 138885-001 Grounding Clip

Trion 138885001 Ground Clip

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138885001 List Price: $3.62 Sale Price: $3.15

Trion 143839-001 Plastic Positioning Spacer

Trion 143839001 Plastic Positioning Spacer

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143839001 List Price: $2.28 Sale Price: $1.98

Trion 144501-004 Air Flow Sensor Kit

Trion 144501004 Air Flow Sensor Board Kit

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144501004 List Price: $86.04 Sale Price: $58.52

Trion 220111-021 Ionizing Wire

Trion 220111021 Ionizing Wire

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220111021 List Price: $10.63 Sale Price: $7.50

Trion 227833-003 Trion Charcoal After Filter

Trion 227833003 Trion Charcoal After Filter 12 5/16 x 16.

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227833003 List Price: $36.86 Sale Price: $30.72

Trion 239071-001 Air Cleaner Transformer

Trion 239071001 Air Cleaner Control Transformer

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239071001 List Price: $51.09 Sale Price: $44.43

Trion 244833-001 Momentary Contact Door Switch

Trion 244833001 Momentary Contact Door Switch

More info & photos
244833001 List Price: $34.18 Sale Price: $29.73

Trion 341677-601B Power Pack Circuit Board

Trion 341677601B Power Pack Circuit Board

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341677601B List Price: $166.43 Sale Price: $148.30

Trion 345109-001 Contact Board Assembly

Trion 345109001 Contact Board Assembly

More info & photos
345109001 List Price: $11.79 Sale Price: $10.25

Trion 441731-101 Collector Cell

Collector Cell

More info & photos
441731101 List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $325.00

Trion 441891-042 Complete Power Pack Assembly

Trion 441891042 Replacement Power Pack Assembly

More info & photos
441891042 List Price: $373.80 Sale Price: $311.50

Electronic Air Cleaner Testing & Repair On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

Electronic Air Cleaner Testing & Repair On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

More info & photos
DIAGNOSTIC List Price: $49.94 Sale Price: $39.95

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