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Trion 342718-001 Power Pack Circuit Board

SKU#: 342718001
List Price: $500.73 Sale Price: $417.27
Product Description

Trion power pack circuit board for certain electronic air cleaners. This component is obsolete and only available while supplies last.

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Sep 15, 2012
Great for Trane BEF200 by JohnMoore (Atlanta GA US)

Lost the board on my Trane BEF200. Dealer basically said, "It's obsolete, buy our new model!" The board in my Trane was marked as manufactured by Trion, Inc. in Sanford, NC. It had a place for a board-mounted transformer, but the transformer in the Trane was mounted externally. I started looking and found the 342718-001. The board terminals were the same, even the two connectors for the indicator LED. The HV coil had much more insulation on it, and was physically taller, but the dimensions indicate it would fit. The other difference was the transformer, and the fact that heat sinks had been added for two other semiconductors that were just air-cooled on my old board. I consider this an improvement. The mounting holes had the exact (strange) positioning. The replacement fit perfectly. I stripped the old transformer out of the unit, and used its leads to connect the new board. Since the board was a single voltage board, I stripped out the voltage selector wiring as well. It works perfectly, and I am well-pleased. This board was a third the price of a new unit (and the dealer never quoted the labor involved). The board in the Trane had a trace deliberately cut to drop out one of the two paralleled power transistors on the large aluminum heatsink. This cut the current capability in half. I did NOT do this on the replacement, which has a "beefier" HV coil.


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