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Respicaire 4PADEMCGCUSTOM Filter Media

List Price: $51.00 Sale Price: $43.20
Product Description

Respicaire 4PADEMCGCUSTOM Filter Media. Respicaire replacement Filter Media's For Airscreen CUSTOM SIZE Air Cleaner Contains 6 Media's. Enough for 3 air cleaner refreshments. These filters should be replaced every 30 days during the time when you are using your heating and cooling system or running your fan. You can use them longer during the off season when no heating, cooling or fan operation is occurring.

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Jul 31, 2014
Excellent by Kirstin Rivard (Rocklin Ca US)

I have yet to receive the product. The ordering process was good. I forgot to leave the measurements and customer service contacted me to get it which was wonderful. Instead of canceling my order. Which some companies just do.The price for the product was very reasonable. The representative who contacted me about the measurement was very nice.

Sep 8, 2012
Respicaire 4PADEMCGCUSTOM Filter Media by Tom Kelly (Phoenix Ar US)

To date I have placed two orders for Respicaire 4PADEMCGCUSTOM "Filter Media" from On Time Mall Inc.( This review covers the first "filter media" product delivered. For some time, I have had a problem locating a suitable 27.0" X 16.25" X 1.0" "filter media" product for a Respicaire 4PADEMCGCUSTOM electronic filter. Throught the assistance of the Addison Guliano, On Time Mall Inc., customer service, this problem was solved almost immediately with a couple of email exchanges. The "filter media" shipped to me by On Time Mall Inc. was the perfect product. I appreciated the excellent customer service that was provided by Mr. Addison Guliano and in the future I look forward to working with the On Time Mall Inc. Sincerely, Tom Kelly


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