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EFFICIENT- The A+2000 Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter utilizes the natural occurrence of static electricity to enhance its filtering capabilities. It is designed to provide a balance between airflow and filtration. A filter's resistance to airflow will increase as it captures particles. How slow or fast an air filter reaches its capacity greatly affects resistance. Resistance to airflow increases energy consumption, decreases the lifetime of the heating/air-conditioning unit and increases maintenance. The A+2000 Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter's patented stage loading design captures progressively smaller particles inside the filter. This design enables the A+2000 to maintain its performance over an extended period of time when compared to filters that face load (captures particles on the face of the filter).

ELECTROSTATIC- The A+2000 uses static electricity to attract charged particles in the air stream into the filter.

PERMANENT- Your filter for life! The A+2000 is constructed of space age materials that will not degrade, oxidize or deteriorate.

WARRANTY- Every A+2000 Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter carries an unconditional warranty for the lifetime of the original purchaser. When you purchase an A+2000 Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter yon can be assured you will never be required to purchase another air filter.


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