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213 Pleated Filter Media

SKU#: 213
List Price: $83.93 Sale Price: $78.18
Product Description

Replacement filter media for your Spacegard 2200 high efficiency air cleaner. Rated at MERV 13 based upon 1200 CFM. This filter media needs changed twice per year if you have heating and air conditioning and once per year if you have just heating. Should you have special conditions like lots of shedding pets, are located near a farm or other dusty environment or are a commercial application you will need to replace the filter media more often.

This new style filter media DOES NOT require the use of pleat spacers but DOES require you to have purchased the 1213 Upgrade Kit in order to install it in a model 2200 air cleaner. If you have the 4200 air cleaner you do NOT need to purchase the Upgrade Kit.


Approx 20 x 25 x 6
Replacement Schedule Heating & AC:
6 Months
Replacement Schedule Heating Only:
12 Months
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Product Reviews

Add your review of this product Global rating: 5.00 from 8 reviews
Nov 29, 2020
It meets my needs by Richard Schmittdiel (Glendale Ca US)

Easily installed. Much easier than the earlier version that needed plastic finger spacers to spread the pleats in the filter. Now it's a 10 minute job to change the filter and easily accomplished right next to the air handler plenum instead of having to do it outside.

Nov 8, 2020
Very satisfied by ( )

I was told that the new filter would be easy to install, and it was! Very happy with sales and customer service at On-Time Mall.

Feb 8, 2018
Easy by (Glendale CA US)

Product arrived on time and is super easy to install.

Sep 22, 2016
Good Experience by ( )

213 Pleated Filters arrived as promised. To date (several years experience), have had no bad experiences with my orders.

Sep 2, 2016
Reliable by L. Herzberg (Oshkosh WI US)

I've been ordering my 213 Pleated Filter Media from ontimemall for years now, and they have always filled the correct order promptly.

May 2, 2016
Easy to change by Richard Schmittdiel (Glendale CA US)

This filter is easier to use than the older model. I'm glad I made the change. Ordering is easy and delivery is prompt.

Aug 1, 2015
On Time by ( )

Products arrived on time and as ordered.

Apr 14, 2012
Works great! by ( )

Works great!


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