Autoflo 40S Humidifier Parts

The Autoflo 40S humidifier is a whole house power style humidifier. This model uses a fan inside it to draw air across the humidifier pad and back into the furnace plenum. It is important to replace the humidifier filter at least once per year with a new Autoflo 40S humidifier filter available on this page.

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AutoFlo 040260 Solenoid Valve Assembly

Solenoid Valve Assembly

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040260 List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99

4001 Saddle Valve

4001 Saddle Valve

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4001 List Price: $19.38 Sale Price: $15.50

Autoflo 40EP Humidifier Filter

Autoflo 40EP Autoflo 40EP Humidifier Filter

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40EP List Price: $30.00 Sale Price: $24.99

50333 Multi Tap 24 Volt Transformer

50333 Multi Tap 24 Volt Transformer

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50333 List Price: $35.38 Sale Price: $29.48

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