Bahnson H Series Humidifier Parts

The Bahnson H humidifier is an industrial atomizing style humidifier designed for commercial and industrial applications. It is normally hung from the ceiling with chains. Annual maintenance on the Bahnson H humidifier consists of washing out the humidifier.

Owners Manual & Maintenance Information

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Bahnson 27249 Sling off Washer

Sling off Washer

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BAH27249 List Price: $14.40 Sale Price: $11.45

Bahnson 27286 Motor

Bahnson 27286 Motor

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27286 List Price: $1,190.40 Sale Price: $992.00

Bahnson 37.401 Drain Pan

Bahnson 37.401 Drain Pan

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37401 List Price: $144.00 Sale Price: $120.00

Bahnson 37404 Back Head

Back Head

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BAH37404 List Price: $59.52 Sale Price: $49.60

Bahnson 88 Motor Shim Washer

Shim Washer

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BAH88 List Price: $2.95 Sale Price: $2.46

Bahnson H-336 Disc


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H336 List Price: $101.76 Sale Price: $84.80

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