Carrier EACBAXCC0020 Air Cleaner Parts

The Carrier EACBAXCC0020 electrostatic electronic air cleaner is a whole house air cleaner meant to be attached to the return air duct system of your home or office. Normaly attached to the side of a furnace or air handler this unit will clean the air on a system with up to 5 tons of air conditioning installed.

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Trion 123324-004 Trion Prefilter

Trion 123324004 Trion prefilter for electronic air cleaner 12 5/16 x 20.

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123324004 List Price: $36.48 Sale Price: $27.10

Trion 134516-006 LED Indicator Lamp

Trion 134516006 Indicator Lamp (red)

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134516006 List Price: $19.90 Sale Price: $17.30

Trion 138586-001 On Off Switch

Trion 138586001 On Off Switch

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138586001 List Price: $7.59 Sale Price: $6.60

Trion 138885-001 Grounding Clip

Trion 138885001 Ground Clip

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138885001 List Price: $3.62 Sale Price: $3.15

Trion 144501-004 Air Flow Sensor Kit

Trion 144501004 Air Flow Sensor Board Kit

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144501004 List Price: $86.04 Sale Price: $58.52

Trion 220110-029 Ionizing Wire

Trion 220110029 Ionizing Wire

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220110029 List Price: $10.63 Sale Price: $7.50

Trion 227833-004 Trion Charcoal After Filter

Trion 227833004 Trion Charcoal After Filter 20 x 12.

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227833004 List Price: $51.66 Sale Price: $34.92

Trion 239071-001 Air Cleaner Transformer

Trion 239071001 Air Cleaner Control Transformer

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239071001 List Price: $51.09 Sale Price: $44.43

Trion 244833-001 Momentary Contact Door Switch

Trion 244833001 Momentary Contact Door Switch

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244833001 List Price: $34.18 Sale Price: $29.73

Trion 341677-601B Power Pack Circuit Board

Trion 341677601B Power Pack Circuit Board

More info & photos
341677601B List Price: $166.43 Sale Price: $148.30

Trion 345109-001 Contact Board Assembly

Trion 345109001 Contact Board Assembly

More info & photos
345109001 List Price: $11.79 Sale Price: $10.25

Trion 441729-101 Collector Cell

Trion 441729101 Collector Cell

More info & photos
441729101 List Price: $376.54 Sale Price: $313.78

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