Carrier EACBBXCC0020 Air Cleaner Parts

The Carrier EACBBXCC0020 electrostatic electronic air cleaner is a whole house air cleaner meant to be attached to the return air duct system of your home or office. Normaly attached to the side of a furnace or air handler this unit will clean the air on a system with up to 5 tons of air conditioning installed.

NOTE: This unit was made by Trion and private labeled to say Carrier or Bryant on it. Because of this we sell the original parts made by the original manufacturer of this air cleaner.

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Electronic Air Cleaner Testing & Repair On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

Electronic Air Cleaner Testing & Repair On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

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DIAGNOSTIC List Price: $49.94 Sale Price: $39.95

Trion 123324-004 Trion Prefilter

Trion 123324004 Trion prefilter for electronic air cleaner 12 5/16 x 20.

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123324004 List Price: $36.48 Sale Price: $27.10

Trion 138586-001 On Off Switch

Trion 138586001 On Off Switch

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138586001 List Price: $7.59 Sale Price: $6.60

Trion 143839-001 Plastic Positioning Spacer

Trion 143839001 Plastic Positioning Spacer

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143839001 List Price: $2.28 Sale Price: $1.98

Trion 147972-002 Door Striker

Trion 147972002 Door Striker

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147972002 List Price: $5.25 Sale Price: $3.74

Trion 147973-001 Ground Contact

Trion 147973001 Ground Contact

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147973001 List Price: $5.46 Sale Price: $4.75

Trion 220110-029 Ionizing Wire

Trion 220110029 Ionizing Wire

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220110029 List Price: $10.63 Sale Price: $7.50

Trion 227833-004 Trion Charcoal After Filter

Trion 227833004 Trion Charcoal After Filter 20 x 12.

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227833004 List Price: $51.66 Sale Price: $34.92

Trion 239071-008 Air Cleaner Transformer

Trion 239071008 Air Cleaner Control Transformer

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239071008 List Price: $51.09 Sale Price: $44.43

Trion 242404-001 Door Switch

Trion 242404001 Door Switch

More info & photos
242404001 List Price: $7.47 Sale Price: $6.50

Trion 345109-001 Contact Board Assembly

Trion 345109001 Contact Board Assembly

More info & photos
345109001 List Price: $11.79 Sale Price: $10.25

Trion 348818-001 Power Pack Circuit Board

Trion 348818001 Power Pack Circuit Board

More info & photos
348818001 List Price: $172.46 Sale Price: $143.72

Trion 441729-101 Collector Cell

Trion 441729101 Collector Cell

More info & photos
441729101 List Price: $376.54 Sale Price: $313.78

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