Carrier Humidifier Filters

Carrier humidifier pads also called humidifier filters must be replaced at least once per year. Carrier humidifier pads or humidifier filters are not cleanable or washable. We only carry original Carrier original factory parts for your Trion humidifier not cheap knock offs like our competitors. All the other repair parts for your Carrier humidifier are available from us by clicking here on the Carrier link and locating your specific model on the list.

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Carrier 318501-761 Humidifier Filter

Carrier 318501761 Carrier 318501-761 Humidifier Filter

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318501761 List Price: $50.00 Sale Price: $43.00

Carrier 318518-761 Humidifier Filter

Carrier 318518-761 Humidifier Filter

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318518761 List Price: $41.52 Sale Price: $34.60

Carrier 318518-762 Humidifier Filter

Carrier 318518762 Carrier 318518-762 Humidifier Filter

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318518762 List Price: $37.88 Sale Price: $33.81

Carrier 324897-761 Humidifier Filter

Humidifier Filter

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324897761 List Price: $27.60 Sale Price: $24.00

Carrier 49BB680044 Humidifier Filter

Carrier 49BB680044 Carrier 49BB680044 Humidifier Filter

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49BB680044 List Price: $121.17 Sale Price: $105.37

Carrier CAR-0909-10 Humidifier Filter

Humidifier Filter

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CAR090910 List Price: $27.60 Sale Price: $24.00

Carrier P110-1045 Humidifier Filter

Carrier P110-1045 Humidifier Filter

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P1101045 List Price: $19.99 Sale Price: $10.95

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