Carrier 31KAX Series Air Cleaner Parts

The Carrier 31KAX electronic air cleaner is a whole house air cleaner designed to be attached to the return air duct system of a home. We stock parts for the Carrier 31KAX012100 , 31KAX016100 , 31KAX016110 and 31KAX020110. Maintence of the Carrier 31KAX electronic air cleaner consists of washing out the collector cells and prefilters on a monthly basis. Ionizer wires must be replaced when they get brittle and break. There are 2 different types of ionizer wires. Both are the same length but the ends on the A style are much larger than the standard NON A style. Be sure to look at the ends of your existing ionizer wires before you order the wrong ones. The A style can be used on all units but the NON A style will not hook into place and stay in place since the ends are too small for certain manufacturing years.

Owners Manual & Maintenance Information

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Carrier 322044-701 Power Pack Circuit Board

Carrier 322044701 Power Pack Circuit Board

More info & photos
322044701 List Price: $769.84 Sale Price: $638.48

Electronic Air Cleaner Testing & Repair On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

Electronic Air Cleaner Testing & Repair On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

More info & photos
DIAGNOSTIC List Price: $49.94 Sale Price: $39.95

Carrier HY01CF279 Female Socket

Female Socket

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HY01CF279 List Price: $59.99 Sale Price: $39.99

Carrier HY02CF277 Male Plug

Carrier HY02CF277 Male Plug Fitting

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HY02CF277 List Price: $20.83 Sale Price: $18.12

Carrier L1-01711 Ionizing Wire

Carrier L101711 Ionizing Wires Box Of 6

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L101711 List Price: $313.92 Sale Price: $209.32

Carrier L1-01711-A Ionizing Wire

Carrier L101711A Ionizing Wires Box Of 6

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L101711A List Price: $428.98 Sale Price: $285.90

Carrier L1-01711-A (1) Ionizing Wire

(1) Ionizing Wire

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L101711AQTY1 List Price: $71.50 Sale Price: $59.58

Carrier L1-01711 (1) Ionizing Wire

(1) Ionizing Wire

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L101711QTY1 List Price: $52.32 Sale Price: $43.60

Carrier L1-3603 Spring Clip

Carrier L1-3603 Spring Clip

More info & photos
L13603 List Price: $24.92 Sale Price: $20.76

Carrier L3-02206-4 Prefilter

Carrier L3022064 Carrier L3-02206-4 prefilter for electronic air cleaner approximately 10 3/4 x 18 1/4 x 1/4.

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L3022064 List Price: $51.53 Sale Price: $42.94

Carrier L3-02206-6 Prefilter

Carrier L3-02206-6 Prefilter for electronic air cleaner.

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L3022066 List Price: $47.30 Sale Price: $39.42

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