Carrier 49WS Series Humidifier Parts

The Carrier 49WS series humidifier requires annual replacement of the humidifier filter (humidifier pad). Common parts for the Carrier 49WS models are listed below.

Owners Manual & Maintenance Information

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Skuttle 000-1318-010 Drum Shaft Bearing

Skuttle Drum Shaft Bearing

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0001318010 List Price: $3.60 Sale Price: $3.00

Carrier 318501-761 Humidifier Filter

Carrier 318501761 Carrier 318501-761 Humidifier Filter

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318501761 List Price: $50.00 Sale Price: $43.00

4001 Saddle Valve

4001 Saddle Valve

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4001 List Price: $19.38 Sale Price: $15.50
Skuttle A00-0602-041 Water Pan

Skuttle A00-0602-041 Water Pan

Skuttle A000602041 Water Pan

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A000602041 List Price: $26.50 Sale Price: $22.08

Skuttle A17-1731-013 Float Valve Assembly

Skuttle A171731013 Float Valve Assembly

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A171731013 List Price: $48.94 Sale Price: $40.79

Carrier HC01AZ024 Drum Motor

Carrier HC01AZ024 Drum Motor

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HC01AZ024 List Price: $215.97 Sale Price: $179.97

Diversitech IQP-120 Condensate Pump

Condensate Pump

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IQP120 List Price: $113.75 Sale Price: $91.00

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