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Electronic Air Cleaner Testing & Repair On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

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Product Description

Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Testing On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply. Labor only to diagnose & repair your electronic air cleaner power supply. We are the only company in the country to offer electronic air cleaner repair & diagnosis service for both consumers and contractors alike. We perform this service on Honeywell, Trion, Electro Air, White Rodgers, Trane, Carrier, Sears and many others. Mother boards can NOT be repaired since the individual components on the boards are NO LONGER available. We are however, able to determine IF the mother board is bad and sell you a replacement mother board if needed.

Here's How It Works

1. Purchase the DIAGNOSTIC service on the website. The shipping charge in the purchase is the return shipping paid in advance.


3. Ship us your entire Power Supply Box using UPS or FedEx (do NOT send us JUST the MOTHERBOARD). This way you can track your shipment and have proof of receipt/delivery.

4. Upon arrival our technicians diagnose what is wrong. After determining what is wrong, we email you the results and tell you the parts cost for repair.

5. You then approve the repairs and we install the parts for you. Parts cost is not included in the Diagnostic fee but the labor to install any needed parts is.

6. Your Power Supply is then shipped back to you ready to be remounted on your air cleaner. Turn around time is normally within 1 week.

We would like you to include the model and serial number of your unit (if you know it) so we can reference the correct parts for it. Again please ship to us using UPS or FedEx to track your shipment and have proof of receipt. DO NOT ship with the US Postal Service. Please include either a copy of your invoice (generated by this website upon purchase of DIAGNOSTIC) or write the invoice number on a piece of paper and include it with the Power Supply assembly so we know who owns it. The address you need to ship your Power Supply to is:

On Time Mall Inc.
1513 W Whispering Wind
Phoenix, AZ 85085

Product Reviews

Add your review of this product Global rating: 4.82 from 28 reviews
Dec 27, 2022
Repaired my air purifier from 30 years ago by Maggie (Campbell US)

Shipped the unit back and this team repaired it and shipped it back within a week. Works perfectly now. Saved me a lot of money. So glad that this service exists and good products can be repaired instead of replaced.

Oct 13, 2021
Trane clean effects by Tony Geyer (Glendale AZ US)

I wanted to reach out and say thank you again. I live close enough to On Time Mall. I decided to take my Trane Clean Effects to their location. They do not service Trane products but did take time to test the unit and told me that the power supply is not working. PS. They do have some awesome looking chairs in their office.

Sep 2, 2021
Sears Electronic Air Cleaner by Dale Townsend (Salmon Arm Br CA)

After 40 years of excellent service my Sears electronic air cleaner needed major servicing. An internet search found On Time Mall to provide the service. The quality of customer service was astounding: fast, reasonable, knowledgeable, suggesting service by others in my immediate area in Canada. The unit, nevertheless, was shipped to On Time Mall and was returned very quickly after being serviced. The unit had a like-new appearance and functions also like new. I am utterly satisfied in all regards with speed, quality of workmanship, cost and customer rapport.

Jun 21, 2021
Power supply by Dr. merwin rosen (Bannockburn Il US)

Dealing with this company regarding repair of my ultrasonic filter problems was very enjoyable and uneventful. The product was mailed back to them and inspected very quickly in the air pins returned immediately on my email. When the unit came back weird and reinstalled it and it worked perfectly the unit is back up to running after being 30 years installed in mytrane furnace

Apr 23, 2021
power supply by Robert Chappelle (lake zurich Il US)

My air cleaner stopped working and I found a place to get it fixed. When I got it back and installed it,every thing worked fine. Thanks for the fast repair. I found it very help full to read every ones comments about their repairs. That is where I found out there was a change in the design. The power supply turns on only when the fan is on. My old power supply was on all the time.

Mar 17, 2021
Electronic Air Cleaner Repair by David Johannsen (Brooklyn Park MN US)

Technical support was very helpful and I recieved my repaired power supply within about a week after sending it in.

Mar 29, 2020
Head of House by Michael Trazoff (NEW CITY Ne US)

I found Laura Manna to be extremely knowledgable and helpful. She answered all my questions and returned my calls. I spent many hours trying to find a site that would help me repair the problem I was having, and this was the only one that addressed my needs. I have no idea if the fee was reasonable or not, but it seems worth it.

Jan 29, 2020
air cleaner by John Wallace (schenectady Ne US)

I was very happy and impressed with the results.They did a terrific job with fast service and the unit works perfect. I would recommend their services to anyone thinking of having problems solved.

Jul 14, 2019
Electronic Air Cleaner Repair by Dan Shaw (Brockton MA US)

My electronic air cleaner would not power on. Since the power supply is most likely the issue (and not the filters), I did not want to pay an HVAC company to come out, diagnose, and most likely order an entire new air cleaner marking everything up along the way. I estimated it would cost at least $400 if I went that route. Instead I removed the power supply (2 screws) and placed an order through On Time Mall. The process or ordering and communication was great and they found and fixed 1 small broken part. With shipping, the diagnostics and broken part, it was well under $100. I am very pleased.

Jan 27, 2019
Electronic Furnace Air CLeaner by Gerald Mazur (New Kensington PA US)

I was VERY PLEASED with your service. It was prompt and you know what you're doing. A local furnace repair company wanted to charge me IN EXCESS of $450 (and they would NOT have diagnostically serviced MY printed circuit). Even with shipping, your charge was LESS THAN $100. Being on a fixed income, this was VERY MUCH appreciated.

Dec 2, 2018
First interaction with this company by Robert Pepper (El Dorado Hills CA US)

Excellent job in finding the failure in my high voltage power supply.

Aug 27, 2018
Electro-Air Cleaner by Ron Krejci (Loudon TN US)

I found their On-Line "Trouble Shooting" most helpful to diagnose the problem with our Electro-Air Cleaner, even though the unit is 28 years old. They repaired the unit at a reasonable cost and kept me informed throughout the process. Job well done

Jan 8, 2018
Excellent service by Mark Jeffrey Provda (Piedmont Ca US)

The electrostatic air cleaner burned out on our older (about 23 yrs old) furnace. I had the choice of having a filter type system installed, for about $1000 (the furnace company that I use does not use EAC's anymore), or sending the cover of the EAC into On Time Mall to repair the power motherboard which, although not cheap, was less at about $700 with shipping and testing. I choose to keep the EAC and I'm glad. The repair and return mailing was quick and everything works like new, and I still don't have to replace filters regularly.

Apr 27, 2017
Review of service provided by David A. Kurth (LaPorte In US)

My Trane Clean Effects power door was tested and found to have a "high voltage" fault. Unfortunately, Trane will not supply repair parts for this air cleaner and will only sell a complete replacement door at a cost that exceeds that of a complete new system. Ontimemall techs attempted to reduce the power output for me, but upon re installation of the door, this attempt to get more service from the door proved unsuccessful. Ontimemall did all they could and their efforts on my behalf are much appreciated! I will now pursue obtaining a new air cleaning system and will continue to utilize Ontimemall services, should they be required in the future!

Sep 9, 2016
EAC repairs by Cecilia L Newton (Newport News Vi )

This company is one of a kind! and is my lifesaver since I am allergic to house dust mites. They have quickly repaired my electronic air cleaner (EAC) twice in the past 6 years saving me hundreds of $$$. Their expertise has kept me from having to totally replace the unit. When my EAC is not functioning properly, my furniture is covered in dust in a few days following an extensive cleaning by my housekeeper. When the EAC is working, house dust is not visible on the furniture for weeks. They return phone calls and emails in a very timely manner. I give them 10 stars! THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!

Mar 21, 2015
Electronic Air Cleaner by David Johnson (Findlay il US)

Great to have a service be exactly what you wish for. I was called an explained the problem and price was quoted, return time as quoted, and product fixed as advertised. Very slick and dependable service. Thanks so much.

Mar 12, 2015
Honeywell Air Cleaner by Larry Stueber (New Ulm Mn US)

It got looked at and tested OK. At least I know it is putting out the correct voltage. When it was new it had a sharp snap at the test button. Time around was fast, I would use them again.

Mar 2, 2015
Testing and Repair by Bernie Vogler (Aliquippa PA US)

Even though the salesman knew the date of my unit (from 1971), he indicated there was over a 90% chance they could repair it. On testing, they determined the parts were from the '70's and obsolete and they couldn't repair it. They also did not which part didn't work. The testing did not give me ANY answers that I did not already know. 2 stars because the sales person was polite and responsive to my questions---- No stars for the testing process.

Jul 2, 2014
Great Service by R. Hutchins (Aledo IL US)

Great to have a service be exactly what you wish for. Price as quoted, return time as quoted, and product fixed as advertised. Very slick and dependable service. Thanks so much.

Oct 27, 2013
fast and efficient by Ken Riccio (Elmwood Park Ne US)

Service was fast and efficient. Great idea to get a repair without the high cost to replace or incur the price of a house call by an HVAC company.

Sep 7, 2013
Electronic Air Cleaner by Ed Calhoun (Granby Co US)

It seems to be working fine. Repairs were done quickly and return was prompt.

Jan 4, 2013
Retired by Jean Paul Bourduas (Candiac Qu CA)

Hello I was very pleased to do business with you. I placed my order by phone and despite my English is not perfect it went very well. When you have checked the power supply of my electronic filter and you have found that worked perfectly, Mr. Jay Guliano informed me by phone that he will send by email solutions that could solve my problem. It has been very appreciated. Thanks.

Dec 31, 2012
Retired by Jean Paul Bourduas (Candiac Qu CA)

Dec 2, 2012
Electronic Air Cleaner by Robert Teagarden (Waynesburg PA US)

Working Perfectly!

Apr 25, 2012
Bill by William Howell (Maryville Te US)

Excellent service and communication from On Time Mall. I would use them again.

Feb 14, 2012
Air Cleaner Power Supply by Edward L Conley Jr (FAIRFAX VA )

OnTime Mall delivers as advertised. I shipped my unit to them they found the problem, called me to discuss the repair. Cost was reasonable. Repair was fast and unit was returned to me very quickly. My only quibble is that after my unit was delivered to them I did not hear from them. I sent 3 emails via their web site and received no reply what so ever. I find this less than 4 star service but I'm not sure who is at fault. The emails go to "sales". The person who finally called me was a repair tech. So it looks like "sales" falls down on the job while tech repair delivers 4-5 star service.

May 10, 2011
Electronic Air Cleaner Repair by Dennis J. Cooper (Chantilly VA US)

Quick and excellent service. I would recommend to anyone.

Oct 29, 2010
homeowner by ( )

All items were received in good condition and the air cleaner power supply repair did the trick. Everything is now working well. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Cliff Cunningham


Ontime Mall

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