Electro Air Media Style Air Cleaner Conversion Kits

If you would like to convert your existing Electro-Air, Emerson or White Rodgers electronic air cleaner to a media style unit you can use one of the filter medias below. To determine which one you need, remove the collector cells from your existing electronic air cleaner. Now measure the space those cells took up. You will find something like 20" x 26" x 5" or less. Once you have that information click on each of the links below until you find the one that most closely matches the space you have available to fit the media filter in. When you are done converting your unit you will have removed 1 (or more commonly 2) collector cells and 1 (or more commonly 2) prefilters. You will have replaced all that with 1 media filter. Next you will turn off the electronic air cleaner power pack and if possible unplugged the power to the electronic air cleaner since electricity to it is no longer required.

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Electro Air F801-0172 Air Cleaner Cell Contact (front)

Air Cleaner Cell Contact (front)

More info & photos
F8010172 List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99

Electro Air F827-0026 Male Connector

Electro Air F8270026 Male Connector

More info & photos
F8270026 List Price: $30.65 Sale Price: $24.52

Electro Air FR1000-100 Pleated Filter Media

Electro Air FR1000100 Pleated Filter Media Approx 16x20x5.

More info & photos
FR1000100 List Price: $64.40 Sale Price: $56.00

Electro Air FR1200TM Pleated Filter Media

Electro Air FR1200TM Pleated Media Approx 15.75x24.25x3.

More info & photos
FR1200TM List Price: $52.83 Sale Price: $45.94

Electro Air FR1400-100 Pleated Filter Media

Electro Air FR1400100 Pleated Filter Media Approx 16x26x5.

More info & photos
FR1400100 List Price: $64.40 Sale Price: $56.00

Electro Air FR1600-100 Pleated Filter Media

Electro Air FR1600100 Pleated Filter Media Approx 20x21x5.

More info & photos
FR1600100 List Price: $140.16 Sale Price: $85.80

Electro Air FR2000-100 Pleated Filter Media

Electro Air FR2000100 Pleated Filter Media Approx 20x26x5.

More info & photos
FR2000100 List Price: $64.40 Sale Price: $56.00

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