Electro Air F858-1002 Power Supply. Replacement high voltage circuit board kit. Includes air flow switch, LED, instructions, retrofit hardware and power supply. This kit replaces the following power supplys F858-0216, F858-0238, F858-0303, F858-0368, F858-0369, F858-0405, F858-0414, F858-0415, F858-0448, F858-0488, F858-0574, F858-0585, F858-0622, F858-0705, F858-0706, F858-0707, F858-0708, F858-0903, F858-0912, F858-1000, F858-1001, and 3370D.


More Information
Manufacturer Electro Air
Product Length 8.000
Product Width 3.500
Product Height 3.000
Product Weight 1.650
Dimension Length 11.000000
Dimension Width 6.000000
Dimension Height 5.000000



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