Herrmidifier 4000 Humidifier Parts

The Herrmidifier 4000 is a wholehouse humidifier designed to be attached to your furnace ductwork. Annual maintenance on the Herrmidifier 4000 humidifier consists of replacing the humidifier filter pad and washing out the rest of the humidifier. We stock all the available parts for the Herrmidifier 4000 humidifier. This is an old obsolete model so parts NOT shown are out of production and no longer available.

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4001 Saddle Valve

4001 Saddle Valve

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4001 List Price: $19.38 Sale Price: $15.50

Trion 4004-1 Solenoid Valve Assembly

Trion 40041 Solenoid Valve Assembly 120 Volt

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40041 List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99

Trion 4008 Humidifier Filter

Trion 4008 Trion 4008 Humidifier Filter

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4008 List Price: $59.99 Sale Price: $42.18

Trion 826 Humidistat

Trion 826 Line Voltage Humidistat

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826 List Price: $60.00 Sale Price: $52.50

Trion IN-2ST Saddle Valve

Trion IN-2ST Saddle Valve

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IN2ST List Price: $21.00 Sale Price: $17.50

Trion Spray Nozzle TRION4005

Trion4005 Spray Nozzle

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TRION4005 List Price: $30.12 Sale Price: $25.10

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