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Honeywell S9200U1000 Universal Integrated Furnace Control

SKU#: S9200U1000
List Price: $176.90 Sale Price: $147.42
Product Description

Honeywell S9200U1000 Universal Integrated Furnace Control. The Honeywell Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) Universal Integrated Furnace Control (UIFC) offers universal compatibility by way of a complete set of wiring harnesses adapters to simplify installation. EnviraCOM™-enabled to work with remote monitoring and diagnostic systems, the Honeywell UIFC features innovative, robust diagnostics that make installation and troubleshooting a breeze. Critical errors are immediately dialed out when connected to a Telephone Access Module and displayed on the touchscreen of the VisionPRO® IAQ. Able to replace most furnace controls and be applied to most heating and cooling single-stage appliances. Simplify your inventory with the universal choice — Honeywell Universal Integrated Furnace Controls.

Replaces existing mother boards, 1809913 18099-13S B180996 B1809906 B18099-6 B18099-06 B1809908 B18099-08 B1809910 B18099-10 B18009910 B180099-10 B1809913 B18099-13 B1809913S B18099-13S B18009913 B180099-13 CARB1809913S CARB1809913S PSIB18099-13PSI G951ADB1401C G951ADB-1401C G951ADB1402 G951ADB-1402 G951AEB-1403 6245570 624557-0 624564 6245640 624591 624591A 624591-A 624591-B 624591-C 624591-D 624628 624628-0 6246310 624631-0 624631A 624631-A 624631-B 710128A 902378 902696 903106 PSI903106PSI 031-00662-000 CAR33101972200 CAR03101973000 CAR50A55843 031-00662-700 031-01140-000 031-01140-001 31011140002 031-01140-002 031-01140-701 031-01140-702 031.01234.000 031-01234-700 031-01235-700 031-01250-000 310126700 031-01267-000 031-01267-001 031-01267-001A 031-01284-000 3101933000 031-01933-000 031-01972-000 031-01973-000 031-02166-000 33101933000 331-01933-000 031-01972-000 031-01973-000 031-02166-000 33101933000 331-01933-000 331-01972-200 43101972100 431-01972-100 P03101267001 P031-01267-001 P031-01267-001 PSI031011400-00 PTH031011400-00 62-24268-02 62-24268-03 6DT-2 61F3 41F-5 50A50-230 50A55-241 50T35730 50T35-730 50T35743 50T35-743 50A55-843 50A55-120 50A55-143 50A55-285 50A55-286 50A55-288 50A55-438 50A55-(474-571) 50A50-143 50A50-285 50A50-286 50A50-438 1012-925B 1012-925C 1012-955A 1012955A 1012-83-9651B 1012-930 1012933D 1012-933D 1012-83-9336AHSC1 1012-83-9337A

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