Honeywell F115 Ceiling Mounted Air Cleaner

The Honeywell F115 commercial ceiling mounted media air cleaner is a self contained commercial air cleaning unit. It is typicaly used in a restaurant or bar where smoking is an issue. Normal maintenance is to replace the Honeywell F115A1064, F115A1171, F115C1005 and F115C1054 prefilters every month, the HEPA filter every 10 to 24 months and the CPZ filter every 4 to 12 months. Heavy smoking bars should use the more often version of those dates.

Owners Manual & Maintenance Information

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Honeywell 32000217 HEPA Filter

Honeywell 32000217 HEPA Filter

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32000217 List Price: $170.15 Sale Price: $147.96

Honeywell 32000229 Prefilter

Honeywell 32000229 Prefilter Kit 4 Pack

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32000229 List Price: $46.66 Sale Price: $38.88

Honeywell 32000232 CPZ Cartridge

HEPA Filter

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32000232 List Price: $115.39 Sale Price: $96.16

Honeywell 32000249 Motor

Honeywell 32000249 Motor 120 Volt

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32000249 List Price: $147.32 Sale Price: $110.49

Honeywell 38002 Prefilter

Honeywell 38002 Carbon Prefilter

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38002 List Price: $20.12 Sale Price: $17.50

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