Humid-Aire FH-20 Humidifier Parts

The Humid-Aire FH-20 humidifier is a whole house style humidifier. Maintenance on the Humidaire FH-20 humidifier consists of soaking the water pan and rotating disk assembly in white vinegar for 24 hours and rinsing it off with lots of clear water. This should be done annualy. Dumping the water out of the water pan on a monthly basis.

Owners Manual & Maintenance Information

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Skuttle 00SHAFT000 Flushing Timer Kit

Skuttle 00SHAFT000 Skuttle Flushing Timer Kit

More info & photos
00SHAFT000 List Price: $202.50 Sale Price: $168.75

4001 Saddle Valve

4001 Saddle Valve

More info & photos
4001 List Price: $19.38 Sale Price: $15.50

50333 Multi Tap 24 Volt Transformer

50333 Multi Tap 24 Volt Transformer

More info & photos
50333 List Price: $35.38 Sale Price: $29.48

Humid-Aire FH20 Humid-Aire 20 Disc Humidifier

Humid-Aire FH20 20 Disc Humidifier

More info & photos
FH20 List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99

Humid-Aire H-23 Bronze Humid Disc

Humid-Aire H23 Bronze Single Humid Disc

More info & photos
H23 List Price: $14.83 Sale Price: $12.90

Humid-Aire RH2010 Float Valve Assembly

Humid-Aire RH2010 Float Valve Assembly

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RH2010 List Price: $77.33 Sale Price: $67.25

Humid-Aire RH-2031 Motor

Humid-Aire RH2031 Drum Motor (120 volt)

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RH2031 List Price: $301.44 Sale Price: $251.20

Humid-Aire RH-2032 Humid-Disc 10 Disc Assembly

Humid-Aire RH2032 Humid-Disc 10 Disc Assembly

More info & photos
RH2032 List Price: $116.00 Sale Price: $100.87

Humid-Aire RH-2176 Humid-Disc 20 Disc Assembly

Humid-Aire RH2176 Humid-Disc 20 Disc Assembly

More info & photos
RH2176 List Price: $230.16 Sale Price: $191.80

Humid-Aire RH-2276 Humid-Disc 24 Disc Assembly

Humid-Aire RH2276 Humid-Disc 24 Disc Assembly

More info & photos
RH2276 List Price: $211.63 Sale Price: $176.36

Humid-Aire RH-2379 Motor

Humid-Aire RH2379 Drum Motor (120 volt)

More info & photos
RH2379 List Price: $103.57 Sale Price: $90.20

Humid-Aire RH-2393 Humid-Disc 16 Disc Assembly

Humid-Aire RH2393 Humid-Disc 16 Disc Assembly

More info & photos
RH2393 List Price: $188.09 Sale Price: $156.74

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