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Since there are so many different models, sizes and brands we decided to create a spread sheet listing the most popular residential and light commercial models we offer. They are sorted by the maximum capacity they will handle. Once you narrow down your search by capacity then determine if you need it attached to your ductwork or if you are placing it exposed in the room (Self Contained) like a warehouse application (most residential applications need it attached to the supply OR return ductwork). Click on the model number you want additional information on and the detail page for that product will come up. If you have any questions about narrowing the selection down further feel free to give us a call.

Maximum capacity is based upon a very tight envelope that leaks at a rate of .5 air changes per hour. If your home is under 5 years old you likely have a tight envelope. If you have an older home 5 to 40 years old, multiply the capacity by .5. If you have a home older than 40 years, multiply the capacity by .25. 


Brand /  ModelMax SQ FT *Gal Per HRVoltsBypassPoweredSteamMistDry When Not RunningAttaches To Side Of DuctAttaches Bottom Of DuctSupply Duct MountedReturn Duct MountedSelf ContainedControl
General 8001000.180     X X  NONE
Walton WF-HH-2292100.24120   X     XM
Walton SW-22100.24120   X     XM
Trion 707U2200.25120   X X  X M
Walton WF-HP-2262200.37120   X XXXX M
Autoflo 200P2200.5824X    X XX M
Trion 707U2200.25120   X X  X M
Autoflo 2502300.6524X    X XX M
Skuttle 452380.4224X    X XX M
Walton WF-2252400.44120   X X  X M
Autoflo SC152400.3824     X X  M
Autoflo 800BP2600.7224X    X XX M
Skuttle 592-222666.524   XXX X  M
Skuttle 592-92666.524   XXX X  M
Carel UC102816.32120   XX    XM
General SL162856.824X    X XX M
General 5702856.524X    X XX M
Autoflo 973000.824X    X XX M
Skuttle F60-13095.54120  X  XXX  M
Skuttle 60-BC13095.54120  X      XM
Trion 503100.4624   XXX X  M
Walton SF-53300.63120   X     XM
Walton SW-53300.63120   X     XM
Skuttle 21003333.5824X   XX XX A
Skuttle 20003333.5824X   XX XX M
General 653333.5524X    X XX M
Trion G1003500.8120 X  XX XX M
Trion G2003500.624X   XX XX M
General DS153500.66120  X  X X  NONE
General RS153500.66120  X      XA
General 747L3809.6724    X XX  M
General 9003940.7124X    X XX A
General 10423940.824X    X XX M
General 900XM3940.7124X    X XX M
Trion 465-C14000.6924X    X XX M
Trion G3004000.7524X   XX XX M
Skuttle 86UD4050.7124      XX  M
Skuttle 904045.7124X    X XX M
Skuttle F60-24045.71240  X  XXX  M
Skuttle 1904045.7124X    X XX M
General 11374214.88120 X   X XX A
General 1000XM4214.75120 X   X XX M
General 10004214.75120 X   X XX A
Skuttle 21014285.7524X   XX XX A
Skuttle 20014285.7524X   XX XX M
Skuttle 20024525.79120 X  XX XX M
Skuttle 21024525.79120 X  XX XX A
General 814571.7524X    X XX M
General 10994596.9624X    X XX M
Skuttle 55UD4760.8424    X XX  M
Walton SW-1050001.25120   X     XM
Walton SF-1050001.25120   X     XM
Walton WJ-22858001.45120   X  X   M
General RS3560001.44230  X      XA
General DS3560001.44230  X  X X  NONE
General DS50100002.4230  X  X X  NONE
Walton WT-B135203.38120   X  X   M
Walton WT135203.38120   X  X   M
Carel UC65152241.73120   XX    XM


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