Trane TFD215 Clean Effects Air Cleaner Parts

Drawing power from the system transformer, the TRANE CleanEffects™ field charge creates a series of electrically charged corona fields through which incoming air must pass. Since the air passes through many small, electrical fields, rather than over a single charged metal wire or plate, more airborne contaminants are charged than in traditional electronic air cleaner systems, meaning more particles are collected.

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Trane CAB01157 Power Cable

Trane CAB01157 Power Cable.

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CAB01157 List Price: $130.82 Sale Price: $109.02

Trane CHG00062 Field Charger

Trane CHG00062 Field Charger.

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CHG00062 List Price: $256.99 Sale Price: $214.16

Electronic Air Cleaner Testing & Repair On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

Electronic Air Cleaner Testing & Repair On Your Air Cleaner Power Supply

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DIAGNOSTIC List Price: $49.94 Sale Price: $39.95

Trane FLR6467 Prefilter

Trane FLR6467 Prefilter

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FLR6467 List Price: $82.83 Sale Price: $69.02

Trane TRR01558 Transformer

Trane TRR01558 Transformer.

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TRR01558 List Price: $73.44 Sale Price: $61.20

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