Walton WJ-228 Humidifier Parts

The Walton WJ-228 can provide up to 12 lbs./hr. of water mist. The atomizing section rests in a water reservoir mounted in the bottom of a horizontal duct. Air from your existing air handler passes over and around the atomizer dispersing the moisture.
The moisture will emistate into the duct air lowering the air temperature due to latent heat of emistation. The amount duct cooling and distance for mist absorption will depend upon inlet air humidity and temperature.
Typical applications include offices, laboratories and production spaces which are served by air quantities of more than 1200 cfm and where relative humidity as high as 50% is required.

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Walton 079057 Float Valve Assembly

Float Valve Assembly

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079057 List Price: $71.25 Sale Price: $57.00

Walton WJ528 Atomizing Assembly

Atomizing Assembly

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WJ528 List Price: $9,999.99 Sale Price: $9,999.99

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