Walton WT 115 Volt Humidifier. Cold water centrifugal atomizing type humidifier and mounting plate for installation in bottom of a straight run of air duct that is under either negative or positive pressure. Water reservoir (normally) is suspended from mounting plate to hang below bottom of duct and permit external plumbing connections for feed to automatic water valve within the reservoir. Atomizer and moisture diffusing ring stand in reservoir so that air will pass through, around, and over the atomizer. Atomizer includes motor, impeller, disc and breaker comb to produce a fine vapor. Humidifier also includes a rim slide to regulate the air stream entering the atomizing section. All water exposed parts to be copper, brass, non-ferrous alloys and stainless steel. Operation is by means of wall mounted (P825) or return air duct mounted line voltage humidistat. Multiple units may be operated with one humidistat by using relay transformer. NOTE: This item is obsolete and no longer available.


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